Antsle One Pro Private Virtual At A Glance

This antsle one pro private virtual is a great data storage and it’s just affordable price. Several of this network attached storage aspect are antsleostm & antmantm (for easy vps management).

antsle one Pro - Private Cloud Server - 100+ Virtual Servers & 100% silent (16GB/2x500GB SSD)

As a great data storage, the antsletm one pro is a private cloud server designed for developers. antsle is the first plug & play solution that comes with hardware & software and lets you easily host from your home/office. we make virtualization easy: you can run 100+ virtual servers on an antsle and deploy each in 10 seconds! the box is enclosed in an aluminum case that acts as the heatsink. there are no fans, no vent holes and no movable parts. it’s 100% silent (0.0 db) so perfectly suited for the office or living room! antsleos is based on gentoo linux and it transforms your box into a private cloud server. our proprietary software antmantm then lets you manage your virtual servers in one easy-to-use interface. our virtual servers? (we call them antlets)?? ?can be implemented as ?either vm’s ?or super-efficient containers (full kvm virtualization)! you can mix vms and containers in one antsle — we’re quite unique in that. you can oversubscribe ram and cpu: resources are not blocked, but only used if and when needed. antsleos automatically compresses all your data using the ultra-fast lz4 algorithm. this saves space on your drives.

This antsle one pro – private cloud server – 100+ virtual servers & 100% silent (16gb/2x500gb ssd) due for someone who need network attached storage with antsleostm & antmantm (for easy vps management). intel cpu @ 2.40 ghz, 8 cores (avoton c2750). 16 gb ecc ram. 2 x 500 gb ssd. 100% silent & dust-proof.

During the time of uploading this antsle one pro private virtual review, there have been more than 7 reviews on this site. Some of the reviews were highly favorable and we give rating 4.3 from 5 for this antsle one pro – private cloud server – 100+ virtual servers & 100% silent (16gb/2x500gb ssd). It better and comfortable to buy this data storage since get a chance to read how real users felt about picking this network attached storage. Reviews by people who have used or earlier ordered this antsle one pro private virtual are worth enlightenment to make selections.

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