Asus VivoBook S15 S510UA Laptop for Stock Trading Review

Super slick for cheap. Picture the 15 9560 Into ULV configuration amounts at of the price and you receive the VivoBook S15 S510 collection. Chassis quality leaves much to be desired while this sounds great on paper.

Its own narrow defines the VivoBook S15 series “NanoEdge” screen bezel popularized from the powerful Dell XPS 13 and XPS 15 string of laptops. Unlike these options the VivoBook S15 is a simpler point of entrance for consumers that are mainstream and prices less. Alternatives vary in the Core i3-7100U CPU using 768p TN screen (S510UA) as much as the Core i7-7500U CPU using 1080p IPS screen and committed GeForce 940MX images (S510UQ). Prices vary as a outcome USD around $1100 USD from as low as $500.

Was that the Earlier this season, f556UQ/X556UQ. The VivoBook S15 series has been considerably enhanced from the bottom up to be skinnier whilst dropping legacy features like the drive and interface, and more stylish. The outcome is a system which resembles a direct competitor to the pricey XPS 15 9560 but is a more portable option to the heftier HP Pavilion 15, Acer Aspire E5, Lenovo IdeaPad 510, and also forthcoming Flex 15 refresh when considering its cost and performance level.

Asus VivoBook S15 S510UA review


The VivoBook S15 S510 series includes three Models distinguished by GPU’s option. S510UQ and the S510UR have been Equipped with all the committed GeForce 940MX and 930MX and Optimus, respectively, Whereas the S510UA is restricted to the HD Pictures 620. Otherwise, it Seems that consumers may manually configure i5-7200U, involving the i3-7100U, or 8 GB or 16 GB of RAM, CPU, 1080p or 768p screen, or Computer keyboard on any version. We are Somewhat disappointed not to see Any GPU alternatives since the VivoBook X556/F556 show was restricted Into the GeForce 940MX.


Vents that are available are the fare such as HDMI, USB Type-A, also USB Type-C Gen. 1 (5 Gbps). Gone will be bays on VivoBook versions interfaces, and the RJ-45 interfaces. Two of those 3 USB Type-A vents are still variant 2.0 whereas some opponents have started to shed 2.0 altogether. The HP Envy 15, as an instance, houses basically the exact same port choice as our Asus except for complete USB 3.0 interfaces. Beyond this nitpick, all vents placed where wires are not as inclined to interfere and are easy to achieve.

Computer keyboard

The keyboard (30.5 x 10.5 cm) keys are soft in comments and Possess a shallow 1.4 millimeter travel. The spongy texture is partially because of the weak base of the surrounding foundation as applying pressure on the middle of the computer keyboard will visibly warp a lot of the surface. As an outcome and the keys don’t wiggle in place, clatter is silent. However, the keys are mild for an Ultrabook and could’ve been a whole lot firmer to get a typing experience that is pleasing.

The system comprises an optional backlight. The light bleeds via a pair of ventilation grilles close to the back of the laptop, and it is a design choice that is strange. The backlight could have been brighter had this escape.


That is the VivoBook using its fresh More narrow and form factor bezels which make it 37 percent smaller and almost 700 gram lighter . The gold colour brushed outer lid and finish accentuate the design angle or the positioning of this best laptop for trading. Surfaces are easy while the foundation that is matte is merely roughened for texture. For a laptop series the VivoBook S15 is creating a strong impression at a price range where designs that are dull and rancid are much too common.

Look past portability and the layout of this Notebook, however is. We discover the hands rests and computer keyboard surfaces warp and bend with creaking while twisting is minimal and within limits. Because the keys will feel softer than they’re this subsequently causes consequences. The lid has average resistance and can be depressed its centre down with a push of a finger. While typing on a desk the pub hinge is quite wide for stability and with recoil, but that does not compensate for the rigidity of the system.

As we could quality is uniform from top to bottom Observe no gaps between unevenness or substances enclosing the bezel that is thin. That said, the base panel of our evaluation apparatus displays minor shallow warping as mentioned on our Method Noise segment under, so quality isn’t quite as consistent as it might have been.

The VivoBook S15 Is Quite mild for a laptop at Just 1.6 kg in comparison to more than 2 kg per for the Pavilion 15t or Envy 15. Its measurements are lean and as small as the XPS 15 while being lighter by approximately 500 g. The size and weight should not be understated at the price point, although the Asus is not as compact as its Dell counterpart.


The integrated trackpad is decently sized (10.5 x 7.5 cm) And responsive for cursor controller with no jittering. Glide can be tacky on the surface, nevertheless, because this space is inhabited by the fingerprint reader and movement will not be tracked by the upper right corner.

The mouse keys that are incorporated texture irregular from and are bad Corner. Clicking on the bottom left corner input a left will depress the surface because it needs to, however, the surface will occasionally stay depressed and not instantly return to its initial place. Meanwhile, this trackpad’s bottom right corner seems to operate for clicks. Traveling is shallow and opinions is feeble. We find that tapping on the surface that is trackpad is much more easy for inputting clicks that are or dragging items.

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