BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer

I bought this Bunn My Café MCU brewer to substitute my debatable Keurig B70 machine, and I am rather happy with it on day one. I felt exactly the exact same way with my B70 when I got it, but after a couple of months, and continuing failures, these machines are nothing but problems. As it was a replacement for the Keurig machine, I will be comparing this brand new Bunn My Café MCU device into the older Keurig.

To begin with, everybody hates documentation, but have some opportunity to browse the first couple of pages. It is going to only take a couple of minutes, and it makes it a lot easier to know which drawer functions with different formats.

From the box, this brewer is somewhat different because it uses drawers for the various java brewing formats. It may utilize K-Cups, pods, tea bags, and ground coffee. The various drawers provide that performance. On page 4 of my own guide, it reveals a picture of every drawer, as well as their objective. In addition, it can supply hot water to combine with cocoa or oatmeal in the afternoon.

The Bunn My Café MCU doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles which the Keurig machine includes. While I would love having some of these attributes, I prefer to have a system that really works and is not always broken. The features that the Bunn My Café MCU does NOT happen are:

No storage container. Such as the B70, it’s the inner tank, therefore brewing a cup is fast. But you have to pour at the desired quantity of water to the top every time you create a cup of java. The volume you put in will control just how much is pumped outside.

There’s not any automatic shut-off moment. The device is always on, but mechanically sets back following six (6) hours without usage. After twenty five (26) hours without use, it goes to sleep. Afterwards once you go to use it, then it wakes up, and contributes to normal temperature.

The inner water temperature is set to 200°F. The only modification is to get high altitudes over 4000 feet.

The Bunn My Café MCU needs an initial setup before you can brew your own coffee. The top single cup coffee maker comes with an inner hot water tank which needs filled. They supply step-by-step directions on page 3. You’ll have to put in a couple cups of water complete to have it filled. Once satisfied, it is going to start to warm the water from the tank. This takes a couple of minutes, and the brew button turns out a good red. Red usually means difficulties, but it is simply heating the water for the very first time. Once heated, it is going to turn green, and it’s prepared to go.

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