Extraordinary, This is the Original iPhone Charger Price

A smartphone is a device that is currently owned by everyone. The device with all the conveniences and sophistication offered in it will definitely be more interesting for everyone to switch to this smart phone. Especially if the type or product of the smartphone you are using also offers exclusivity as provided by Apple products. Yes, this well-known technology company from the land of Uncle Sam is indeed always creating the latest technology trend that is widely favored and used throughout the world.

For example, one of them is iPhone, an Apple smartphone product with all the sophistication and exclusivity in it. However, Apple’s big name doesn’t just make you satisfied with its products. There are times when some of the devices are also damaged, for example a charger. If so, of course you have to buy a new one so as not to interfere with the performance of your iPhone. Prices of iPhone chargers on the market are the same.

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Various Series iPhone Charger Prices

As is well known, the iPhone has several different variants. The variants or series include the iPhone 3 to the latest is the X series iPhone. Each of these iPhone series must have supporting accessories that vary too. Let’s say the charger. In Indonesia alone, many chargers for iPhone are available and many also provide them. But you as a buyer must also be careful in buying. In order for your device to last a long time, you should use the original charger. To distinguish, the price of the original iPhone charger is definitely different and you can see it on the official Apple page.

In general, the price of an iPhone charger does not have a significant difference. But you must remain vigilant because there are now many charger products for fake iPhone. Of course using this fake product will hurt you. Apart from not being compliant with standards for iPhone use, which can actually damage your smartphone, these fake products can also be dangerous. As for prices, the price of an iPhone 4 charger doesn’t have that much difference with the iPhone 7.

The previous iPhone series has a charger character that consists of two parts. These parts are lightning adapters and cables. For the price, of course these two enhancements are sold at different prices, unlike the type of charger in general which is sold in one package. IPhone charger adapters are priced at IDR 369K while the lightning cable is set at IDR 389K. That way, it can be concluded why the prices of iPhone 7 and iPhone 4 chargers do not have a significant difference. Harga charger iPhone original is a website that sell any Apple Device charger. You can buy it with cheap price.

Unlike the previous series, the iPhone 8 series has a charger type that is different from the previous type of charger. The battery charging device on the iPhone 8 series already has wireless technology. This is what then distinguishes the price of an iPhone 8 charger with other iPhone series. In addition, the feature that is also given to this latest iPhone type charger is fast charging, which allows users to charge their smartphone in a relatively short time. This wireless type charger is unfortunately not provided free of charge in the iphone package that you bought. In other words, you have to buy this charging device yourself. Prices that are priced are not cheap. For adapters only, you have to pay a fee of IDR 650K. While the USB used is also different from the previous series. Using USB Type-C, of ​​course you have to buy it at a price that is not exactly cheap, which is IDR 331K.

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